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Drum Solo plus Narration Audio

The Drum Set: Tone Audio

Cymbal Rhythms Audio

The Bass Drum Audio

Joining the Parts Audio

Joining 3 and 4 Parts Audio

Practicing with the Recorded Group Audio

New Series of Rhythm Patterns Audio

Twelve-Bar Blues Audio

Beginning Two-Bar Patterns Audio

Folk Rock Audio

New Rhythm Patters on Bass Drum and Snare Drum Audio

Two-Bar Patterns on Bass Drum and Snare Drum Audio

Rock Group Minus Drums Audio

Drum Fill: One and Two Bar Fills Audio

New Two-Bar Rhythm Patterns on Bass and Snare Drums Audio

More New Patterns - Two and Four Bars Audio

Group Minus Drums - 16 Measure at a Slow Tempo Audio

The Shuffle Rhythm Audio

The Triplet (12/8) Feel Audio

Drum Solo - Demo Track Audio