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The Four Basic Chords; Triplets; All Downstrokes; Sonata Accompaniment Audio

Triplets Audio

Triplets 2 Audio

Sonata Accompaniment Audio

Track 5 Audio

Track 6 Audio

Triplet Variation Audio

Triplet Variation with Bass Guitar Audio

Triplet Variation II Audio

Triplet Variation III Audio

Rocker Style with Rhythm Section Audio

Rocker Rhythm played slowly Audio

Rocker rhythm in tempo Audio

Rocker rhythm variation Audio

Hard driving beat Audio

Hard driving beat with rhythm section Audio

Cha-cha beat Audio

Cha-cha variation Audio

Dampening Audio

Dampen throughout - all downstrokes Audio

Track 21 Audio

Allow strings to ring Audio

New Orleans style Audio

New Orleans style with bass guitar Audio

New Orleans style with rhythm section Audio

Strumming beat Audio

Strumming beat with rhythm section Audio

Track 28 Audio

Shuffle beat Audio

Shuffle beat with rhythm section Audio

The Blues Audio

Blues accompaniment Audio

Strumming blues Audio

Rhythm & Blues Audio

Rhythm & Blues with band Audio

Frantic blues Audio

Funky blues Audio

Slow blues Audio

Low down dirty blues Audio

Bass guitar Audio

Country style Audio

Country style II Audio

Track 43 Audio

Nashville Style I Audio

Nashville Style II Audio

Banjo Style Audio

Banjo Style with Band Audio

A Country Twanger Audio

Track 49 Audio

Track 50 Audio

Track 51 Audio

Track 52 Audio

Tuning Audio