Gilbert & Sullivan for Singers
Series: The Vocal Library
HL #00740215
Song List:
  • Alone, And Yet Alive (from THE MIKADO)
  • Cheerily Carols The Lark (from RUDDIGORE)
  • Come Mighty Must! (from PRINCESS IDA)
  • A Lady Fair (from PRINCESS IDA)
  • (I'm Called) Little Buttercup (from H.M.S. PINAFORE)
  • My Lord, A Suppliant At Your Feet (from IOLANTHE)
  • Oh, Foolish Fay (from IOLANTHE)
  • On The Day When I Was Wedded (from THE GONDALIERS)
  • Silver'd Is The Raven Hair (from PATIENCE)
  • Sir Rupert Murgatroyd (from RUDDIGORE)
  • To A Garden Full Of Posies (from RUDDIGORE)
  • Were I Thy Bride (from THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD)
  • When A Merry Maiden Marries (from THE GONDOLIERS)
  • When But A Maid Of Fifteen Years (from UTOPIA UNLIMITED)
  • When Frederic Was A Little Lad (from THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE)
  • When Maiden Loves, She Sits And Sighs (from THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD)
  • When Our Galland Norman Foes (from THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD)
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