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A Rhythmic Twist
Triplet Concepts for Drumset
Series: Percussion
Publisher: Hudson Music
Format: Softcover Audio Online
Author: Jeff Salem
Can you learn how to swing? Yes, and this book will show you how, giving you a huge vocabulary of creative triplet grooves and fills to play in every style. The book does this by taking common, comfortable 16th-note patterns and adapting them into a triplet feel. The results are amazingly musical and refreshingly creative, and will give any drummer tons of new ideas to play within any swing-based groove. Jeff Salem covers many concepts, including solidifying your basic triplet grooves in various styles, moving around the drumset with triplets, incorporating the bass drum into your fills, creating interesting triplet grooves using 16th note-based rhythms, applying paradiddle concepts to triplet grooves and fills, incorporating rests into your swung phrases, and more. In the later chapters, the triplet rhythms presented are applied to fills that can be used in blues, R&B, rock and hip-hop settings, and are also applied specifically to jazz concepts to broaden your independence and vocabulary in a traditional swing setting. An introductory section with basic triplet feels and a listening guide is designed to start beginning-level drummers on the right path to understanding swing-based styles. The book includes access to online play-along tracks in many styles, which are designed for you to apply the concepts learned in the book as well as demonstrations of nearly every example in the book.
$14.99 (US)
Inventory #HL 06620154
ISBN: 9781423496342
UPC: 884088516390
Publisher Code: HDBK27
Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
76 pages
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