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Drummer's ABC Book 1
The Successful Way to Becoming a Professional Drummer

Snare, Drum
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Series: Percussion
Publisher: Schott
Format: Softcover
Author: Haelbig
Success author Holger Hälbig (Drummer's Workbook) packs his concentrated experience as a professional drummer and educator into thistextbook for beginners.His “holistic” method combines the basics of traditional education with living grooves: After easy-to-understand explanations with many photos and examples, it starts with coordination exercises that the student can also implement on the whole drum set - a hands-on introduction that is really fun!

The enclosed mp3 CD contains more than two and a half hours of music: high-quality band playbacks in staggered tempos make practicing fun - an ideal learning and motivational aid for every student.

A “Specials” chapter contains advanced technique, some theory and many more exercises for flexible use in the classroom.

-Clear structured method

-Creative approach with the whole drum set

-Live recorded CD with all exercises in staggered tempi

-Bonus for the teachers: An extra chapter with techniques, theory, etc., with which the lessons can be designed flexibly
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128 pages
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