WA-87 R2
FET Condenser Microphone – Nickel
Series: Warm Audio
Manufacturer: Warm Audio
Format: General Merchandise
The new WA-87 R2 uses top-quality components like a NOS Fairchild transistor and high-bandwidth polystyrene and film capacitors from Wima. The WA-87 R2 uses a custom-wound Cinemag USA output transformer like the original WA-87 did, with the new version providing a slightly increased output level and improved frequency response. We also employed the same capsule the WA-87 uses, which was designed to the exact specifications of the ones found in the vintage mics.

The WA-87 R2 also features three polar patterns (cardioid, omni and figure 8) so you're covered for a wide variety of applications, and an 80Hz high pass filter reduces low-frequency rumble if needed. The switchable -10dB pad comes in handy when you want to record extremely loud sources and not overload the internal electronics. The WA-87 R2 works brilliantly on vocals, drum overheads, guitars, piano, auxiliary percussion, brass, strings and more. Not only that, it's the same price as the original WA-87, so you can afford to have several in your mic locker!
Our price: $699.00 (US)
Inventory #HL 00357626
UPC: 850016400581
Manufacturer Code: WA-87R2
Width: 14.0"
Length: 14.0"
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