Cloud U1
Universal Shockmount
Series: Cloud Microphones
Manufacturer: Cloud Microphones
Format: General Merchandise
The Cloud U1 uses modern materials replacing elasticated parts in order to give a performance of up to twice the isolation of traditional “cat's cradle” microphone suspension systems. The shockmount is fully adjustable, covering a wide range of microphone sizes. The isolation properties are highly effective and make use of the patented vibration-resistant W-shaped Lyre system, which is carefully oriented around a central mounting ring. The shockmount is designed to accommodate ribbon mics from Cloud Microphones but also will handle a wide selection of classic and modern designs, suitable for both side address and many end address microphones. The 4-way adjustable fasteners make it quick and easy to change the mics during sessions. The shockmount is compatible with medium to larger sized mics that are difficult to mate, mics with an unusual shape, or those that have been previously limited to proprietary mounts.
Our price: $149.00 (US)
Inventory #HL 00294942
UPC: 793573190581
Manufacturer Code: CLOUD UNIVE
Width: 6.75"
Length: 6.25"
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