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Mike Mangini's Wicked Piston Drum Sticks
Series: Vater Percussion
Manufacturer: Vater Percussion
Format: General Merchandise
Artists: Mike Mangini, Dream Theater
Mike Mangini's new unique design starts out at .580″ in the grip and increases slightly towards the middle of the stick until it reahcers .620″ and then tapers back down to an acorn tip. Mike's reason for this design is so that the stick has a slightly added front weight for a solid, consistent “throw” and transient sound. With the extra length, you can adjust how much front weight you're implementing by slightly moving your fulcrum point up or down on the stick. You'll also get a fat sounding rimshot crack from the added from weighted taper. Hickory.
$19.25 (US)
Inventory #HL 00242961
UPC: 641652478016
Manufacturer Code: VHMMWP
Width: 16.75"
Length: 1.25"
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