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Frank Zappa FAQ
All That's Left to Know About the Father of Invention
Series: FAQ
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Format: Softcover
Author: John Corcelli
In this volume, author John Corcelli reveals Zappa's roots as a musician, from his diverse influences to his personal life. We also learn more about his former band members and the enormous musical legacy inherited by his son, Dweezil. The book features a juried examination of Zappa's recordings and his videos. It also features a complete discography and a recommended reading list. Each chapter has a special focus on Zappa's life, with sections covering his family, his home studio – known as the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen – his keen interest in the Synclavier (a device he first used in 1980), his guitars, and more. Special attention is paid to the Mothers of Invention.

Frank Zappa FAQ is a must-have for fans new and old looking to delve into some of the best music ever made by one of the most innovative artists the world has known.
$19.99 (US)
Inventory #HL 00130917
ISBN: 9781617136030
UPC: 888680022860
Width: 6.0"
Length: 9.0"
328 pages
“Author (and long-time Zappa fan) John Corcelli has written a clear and concise volume that is flat-out essential for fans of Zappa. The author truly is able to capture the many artistic worlds explored by Zappa, including his multi-dimensional music endeavors, his film and video productions, and his activism. Another wonderful part of the book is how author John Corcelli celebrates many of Zappa's alumni, namely musical greats such as Terry Bozzio, Flo and Eddie (of the Turtles fame), Steve Vai and others who had performed on stage or in the recording studio in the service of Zappa's music.” –Robert Kinsler, Rock 'n' Roll Truth
“If you don't have time to scour every corner of the internet seeking the answers to these questions, John Corcelli will do it for you...[I]t's hard not to like the manner in which this book is structured or the information it contains...Read and enjoy John Corcelli's book, and consider the morsels it gives us. But please don't stop seeking broader and deeper answers when it comes to Zappa. His story is one of nuance and one that deserves to be examined more thoroughly now and in the future.” – PopMatters
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