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The Clash FAQ
All That's Left to Know About the Clash City Rockers
Series: FAQ
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Format: Softcover
Artist: The Clash
Author: Gary J. Jucha
Founded by guitarist Mick Jones and fronted by the legendary Joe Strummer, the Clash had the charisma of Elvis, the integrity of the Beatles, and the swagger of the Rolling Stones. Through a series of influential singles and stirring concerts, the Clash not only outlasted their rivals the Sex Pistols but also prospered and broke through in the US of A, a feat matched by no other UK punk-rock band.

With the classic London Calling and revolutionary triple album Sandinista!, the Clash helped popularize both reggae and hip-hop, thereby indoctrinating the record buying public to world music. By 1982, members of the Clash found themselves not only with a hit album (Combat Rock) but also playing opening sets during the Who's first retirement tour. It appeared the Clash would fill this gap. It was not to be. A series of self-inflicted wounds led to a legendary downfall mere months after appearing in front on their largest audience ever at the U.S. Festival in 1983. Strummer and bassist Paul Simonon soldiered on with the underrated Clash, Round Two, but eventually disintegrated under the weight of their manager's mind games.

In The Clash FAQ, author Gary J. Jucha covers the band's inception and emergence in the early British punk scene, all of the studio albums as well as bootlegs, the band's success in the U.S., the lineup shifts, tours, and more. Fresh in its approach and broad in scope, this an essential volume for every fan.
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Inventory #HL 00123633
ISBN: 9781480364509
UPC: 884088960919
Width: 6.0"
Length: 9.0"
424 pages
“Whether or not they were the only band that mattered, to quote their catch phrase, The Clash were widely admired for their social engagement and their musical progression form bare-knuckled punk 45s through the more classic rock of London Calling and the Jamaican-influenced ambitions of Sandinista. Veteran rock writer Gary J. Jucha follows the band from their origins in the London milieu that also spawned The Sex Pistols through their implosion in the '80s and the post-Clash careers that followed. True to its title, The Clash FAQ is packed with fan-bait information.” – Shepherd Express
The Clash FAQ provides all kinds of interesting and informative information on the English band that was founded by guitarist Mick Jones and fronted by the late Joe Strummer. The band's complex history is explored clearly, with the group's changing lineup, tours and legendary concert dates, bootlegs, and official releases revisited during the 400-page run.” – Desert Star
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