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Slaplicious Bass Licks in 31 Flavors
Series: Instructional/Bass/DVD
Publisher: Centerstream Publications
Format: DVD - TAB
Author: Brian Emmel
Geared toward the intermediate to advanced player, the grooves on this fun DVD range from basic to very complex, but Brian Emmel breaks each groove down into bite-sized pieces so even beginners could enjoy this DVD! The main focus of these slap bass licks is to stay away from status quo disco lines. Brian demonstrates various right-hand techniques along with modal and interval concepts. After each demonstration and lick break down, he provides a musical incorporation on top of each bass lick to show how one lick can sound awesome over multiple chord exchanges! 60 minutes. Includes tab .pdf.
19.99 (US)
Inventory #HL 00121592
ISBN: 9781574241891
UPC: 884088925444
Width: 5.25"
Length: 7.5"
Run Time: 1:00:00
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