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The Gretsch Drum Book
Series: Book
Publisher: Rebeats Press
Format: Softcover
Authors: Rob Cook, John Sheridan
The Gretsch Drum Book by Rob Cook in collaboration with John Sheridan is a complete business history of the Gretsch Drum Company and dating guide for Gretsch drums. From the founding of the company in 1883, every significant management change of direction is discussed right up to the current era in which owner Fred W. Gretsch partners with KMC Music. A history of Gretsch artist relations includes an alphabetic list of every Gretsch drum endorser from 1936 to 2012 with photos of over 200 of them. The dating guide illustrates every catalog, color, badge, snare drum, drum kit, and hardware item catalogued through the 130-year history of Gretsch drums. 
$40.00 (US)
Inventory #HL 00120777
ISBN: 9781888408201
UPC: 884088917500
Width: 8.5"
Length: 11.0"
290 pages
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