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Music Dispatch has a great selection of reference books and materials for musicians.  We've got artist biographies, books on audio technology & recording, music business, songwriting & lyrics, music history, books on cinema & theatre and so much more.  Click on any of the buttons above for more details.

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Freddie Mercury: A Kind of Magic
The Music of Teaching
How to Write Your First Song
Ringo - With a Little Help
Sound of Music FAQ
108 Rock Star Guitars
Alan Parsons Art & Science of Recording
Johnny Cash FAQ
Leonard Cohen: Everyone Knows
Music Marketing for the DIY Musician
$5 CD Closeout Sale!
Private Guitar Studio Handbook
Rolling Stones Gear
Make Some Noise
Strings Attached
200 Stompbox Reviews
History of Marshall
Nirvana Illustrated History
Buck 'Em - The Autobiography of Buck Owens

Theatre World Unlocking the Masters FAQ Series Tipbook Live Concert DVDs Music Pro Guides